We at Ker & Downey think International Coffee Day is the most important day of the year. To celebrate International Coffee Day, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite coffee houses around the world.

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Via Civit in Mendoza City, Argentina

There’s a large selection of coffee drinks and sweet treats in this famous coffee shop and bakery. For some local flavor, try a Café Via Civit. It comes with Dulce de Leche cream and chocolate liquor.

Gran Café Tortoni, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A must visit spot in Buenos Aires, Gran Café Tortoni is Argentina’s oldest and most famous cafe. Since 1858, the green marble tables of the cafe have served as a meeting place for famous artists and scholars, and its basement hosts tango shows and poetry performances.

Café Central, Vienna, Austria

Once called the Chess School, Café Central is, perhaps, one of the most iconic coffee house of all. An institution in Vienna since 1876, it has a rich history and has seen many literary greats get together over a cup of coffee. And the atmosphere is pretty incredible too with marble pillars, arched ceilings, and glistening chandeliers. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a cup of Joe and a little down time in Vienna.

Café Marly, Paris

It’s enviable location alone is reason to visit the Café Marly. It overlooks the glass pyramid and main courtyard of the Louvre. Whether you’re dining in the restaurant or just want a cup of coffee, a visit to this stylish cafe is a quintessential Parisian experience.

Monmouth Coffee, London

There’s no shortage of good coffee shops in London, but one of our favorites is Monmouth Coffee, a pioneer of pour-over filter coffee. The London staple has been around since 1978, with its first location in the Convent Garden area. It’s intimate and cosy with communal tables. The other two locations are slightly larger, but still warm, inviting and the perfect place to sip a latte made with organic Jersey milk from Jeff Bowles in Somerset.

Star Lounge, Chicago, Illinois

You’ll find iced coffee on tap at this unassuming coffee shop that has become a Chicago coffee destination. Be sure to order the Wake and Bake. Product Manager Elizabeth Frels has said it was some of the best coffee she’s ever had.

Heart Coffee, Portland, Oregon

Uncompromising quality and exceptional coffee is the motivation behind Heart Coffee. The specialty roasting company roasts green coffee from Central America, South America, and Africa, and serves it up in their two shops in Portland.

Sumida Coffee, Tokyo, Japan

Sumida Coffee serves their roast in Edo Kiriko cups, made to order by a master of the traditional Tokyo glass manufacturing. There are 11 different cup designs and the owner pairs each customer with a glass based on his impression of you. (They are available for sale, should you choose to take one home with you.)

We hope you’re celebrating International Coffee Day in your favorite coffee shop. Have one you think we should know about? Head on over to our Facebook page and let us know!