Meet Yuzana Htun, guide in Yangon, Myanmar. We’re celebrating International Women’s Day all week by taking a look at some of our favorite female guides around the world.

We’re concluding our series of female guide this week with Yuzana Htun, a guide in Yangon, Myanmar. Nicky Brandon had the pleasure of meeting her on her trip to Myanmar in November 2014 and raves about her.

Yuzana Htun | International Women's Day | Ker Downey

How many years have you been guiding?

I have been leading tours for more than 10 yrs.

What or who inspired you to get into the guiding industry?

My father who used to work as a guide inspired me to get into the guiding industry.

Are there barriers for women in the guiding industry you’ve had to overcome?

Being a woman I have some difficulties- like going home late, early start and overnight trekking. But these were easily overcome

What is your favorite part of your city?

‘Shwedagon’ is the most memorable sight not only for me but also for all my clients. The sites of Yangon are fascinating and I love every single one, but my favorite part of the city is the colonial area.

How would you encourage young girls/women to get into the guiding industry?

It is more difficult for girls. But if you are interesting in guiding, learn the language, be healthy and be smart. All girls have ability to join the guiding industry.

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