Meet Marina Menegoi, guide in Verona, Italy. We’re celebrating International Women’s Day all week by taking a look at some of our favorite female guides around the world.

When you’ve only got a few days in a city, you want to get the most out of it. With expert guides showing you their city, you’re sure to get an in-depth, insider’s look. A few years ago, Nicky Brandon had the pleasure of meeting Marina on a guide through Verona. Marina showed her the city and introduced her to a few local wine bars for an enjoyable and well-rounded tour of the World Heritage listed city. Marina grew up in the city so she was able to lead Nicky through uncrowded streets, steering her away from crowds, showing her an authentic look at Verona. She’s also got the most wonderful, natural sense of humor that welcomes guests.

Marina Menegoi | International Women's Day | Ker Downey

How many years have you been leading tours?

Nearly 16

What or who inspired you to get into the guiding industry?

Chance and curiosity

Are there barriers for women in the guiding industry you’ve had to overcome?

Not too many, really although every job have its “problems.”

What is your favorite part of your city?

The panorama from the river -Castelvecchio/Ponte Pietra- or from the highest tower of the city.

What is your favorite place to introduce people to in your city?

Either a panoramic view from the river/hills/tower or Piazza Bra, where the Arena is

How would you encourage young girls/women to get into the guiding industry?

They just need to love what they do and have a bit of patience and understanding for other cultures. Be well traveled, when possible, and be prepared.

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