Meet Anna Udalova, guide in St. Petersburg. We’re celebrating International Women’s Day all week by taking a look at some of our favorite female guides around the world.

Anna Udalova is a veteran in the guiding industry, having worked as a guide for 20 years. She’s knowledgeable, professional, and proficient in English and can introduce you to hidden gems and well-known sites in St. Petersburg for a well-rounded tour of the city.

Anna Udalova | International Women's Day | Ker Downey

How many years have you been leading tours?

I have been working as a guide for more than 20 years.

What or who inspired you to get into the guiding industry?

Actually my parents have inspired me to start this job and I love it so much.

Are there barriers for women in the guiding industry you’ve had to overcome?

There were no barriers in the guiding industry for women. I think possibly 95% are women in this job. And when I see a guide-man, I get a bit surprised.

What is your favorite part of your city?

My favorite part of the city is the center and the main street in our city – Nevsky prospect and the area around the cathedral on the Spilled Blood.

How would you encourage young girls/women to get into the guiding industry?

I think that a person should make up his/her mind what kind of the career he will begin. It depends on his personal qualities, character and desire, of course.

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