Meet Alejandra Sauze, guide in Argentina. We’re celebrating International Women’s Day all week by taking a look at some of our favorite female guides around the world.

When Alejandra Sauze moved back to Argentina after living abroad for 18 years she was inspired to read and learn more about the country. That passion to learn about her country is at the heart of guiding career and she loves to share her knowledge with travelers.

Alejandra Sauze | International Women's Dat | Ker Downey

How many years have you been leading tours?

Since 2004, 12 years

What or who inspired you to get into the guiding industry?

After living in another country for 18 years, I had the urge to read and learn more about my country.

We had always been welcomed everywhere we went and had a great experience abroad. The people we met made all the difference. Friends frequently visited us when we came back to Argentina for good.

I was seeing my country in a different way and wanted to share its beauty, culture with others, so I went back to get more education and since then never stopped learning and guiding as well.

It was my turn then to become the host.

Are there barriers for women in the guiding industry you’ve had to overcome?

I’ve not experienced any.

What is your favorite part of your city?

Each area is so different from the other, there is so much to show and tell people from each “Barrio”, that I cannot pick one.  If time was an issue and had to pick the most important ones, they would be Plaza de Mayo,La Boca and Recoleta areas.

How would you encourage young girls/women to get into the guiding industry?

First get education, never stop learning about your country, always be informed and updated, love what you do, and it is then that you can share it with others!

  • Always remember you are part of a big team´s effort.
  • Remember the Golden Rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

My experience has been so enriching. People are wonderful to work with!

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