These are some of our top Europe Luxury Travel destinations for May travel. Take advantage of Ker & Downey’s incredible airfare rates to some of Europe’s top shoulder season destinations for an unforgettable trip this summer.

Get the most out of these Europe luxury travel destinations by traveling in May. Widely considered “shoulder season” throughout Europe, May travel comes with a variety of perks, including low-season prices, easy flight routes, fewer tourists, and quiet moments amid some of the world’s most stunning landscapes.

When you book your air through Ker & Downey, you’ll also get to take advantage of our attractive airfare rates for Europe luxury travel throughout Europe with carriers like British Airways, Delta, and American Airlines. It’s the ease of a one-stop shop with airfare and land arrangements, so start packing your bags for some of our favorite Europe luxury travel destinations.

Switzerland | St. Moritz’s Great Outdoors

It’s usually considered a winter playground for the skiing elite, but St. Moritz is an absolute ghost town in the spring and summer months and perfect for enjoying the nature and stunning mountain scenery, hidden lakes, and hospitable Swiss culture all to yourself. Take advantage of a number of activities only available starting in May, like sailing on St. Moritz Lake, white-water rafting, and taking guided hikes along some of the area’s 310 miles of scenic mountain trails. Ker & Downey offers plenty of exclusive “glamping” options in the area, ensuring that the outdoors are always right at your fingertips, whether in a luxury tented camp or a charming tree house for your own luxury Swiss Family Robinson experience.

For travel to Switzerland, Ker & Downey recommends flying with Delta, British Airways, and American Airlines.

Europe Luxury Travel | Switzerland | Ker Downey

Norway | 17th of May

Americans have the Fourth of July, and the Irish have Saint Patrick’s Day, but many don’t realize that one of the biggest national celebrations in the world is actually Norway’s Syttende Mai (17th of May), commemorating the signing of Norway’s constitution in 1814. Throughout the country, especially in Oslo, May 17th is a huge affair, full of potluck breakfasts, children’s parades, marching bands, and an inordinate amount of ice cream. The celebration is so widely respected that it is tradition for the royal family to greet the parade in Oslo and wave to the “hurrah!” resounding crowds. It is an incredibly special time for any Ker & Downey traveler to visit Norway for a true locals’ experience.

To take advantage of the 17th of May celebrations, Ker & Downey suggests flying with British Airways or Delta Airlines for the best fares and flexibility.

Europe Luxury Travel | Norway | Ker Downey

Iceland | Wildlife and Art

Iceland in May is a rare chance to experience some of Iceland’s best facets without the crowds and high-season summer prices. The days are long and bright, precipitation is at its lowest, and the hordes of tourists have yet to fully arrive. There is also a healthy mix of country and city pursuits: it’s prime lambing season in the south, where baby sheep are known to freckle the countryside, and the puffins are out in full force on the coasts. Meanwhile, the cities are alive with festivals, such as the annual Reykjavik Arts Festival, a multidisciplinary celebration of Icelandic and international culture and creativity taking place over two weeks in May and June.

For travel to Iceland, Ker & Downey relies on Delta Airlines for reliable service and standards.

Europe Luxury Travel | Iceland | Ker Downey

Ireland | Fly Fishing

Ireland is one of the last refuges for wild trout fishing, and there is no better time to cast your rod than in the month of May, when fishing conditions are at their absolute best. With a huge network of lazy rivers, glittering lakes, spring-fed streams, and mystical loughs, the country is an angler’s dream, offering a fun family vacation for all or the overseas fishing trip of a lifetime. While there are certainly numerous hot spots throughout the island, the western seaboard is where most of Ireland’s great fishing watersheds are found, alongside crumbling castles, island forts, luxury countryside manors, rugged emerald landscapes, and an Irish hospitality like none other.

For your fishing escape to Ireland, Ker & Downey recommends Delta Airlines and British Airways for ease of travel.

Europe Luxury Travel | Ireland | Ker Downey

The Netherlands | Tulip Season

From the moment the first tulip was planted in 1593, the Dutch have been renowned for their horticultural industry and annual blankets of blooms. The Dutch are serious about their flower power—producing a staggering 70% of the world’s commercial flower output, roughly 4.32 billion tulips per year—and offer up multiple chances for visitors to revel in their colorful charms. Ker & Downey’s recommends traveling to the Netherlands in May to take full advantage of the May flowers, first with a private guided visit of the Aalsmeer Flower Auction, the largest trading center for plants and flowers in the world, followed by a bicycle ride through the vivid rainbow-colored “Flower Strip” just an hour outside of Amsterdam, and concluding with entry into the world’s largest and most beloved flower park, the Keukenhof Flower Gardens. Open just eight weeks per year, from March 24th through May 16th, Keukenhof in Lisse boasts 7 million bulbs and a total of 800 tulip varieties—the best the Dutch have to offer.

Ker & Downey recommends Delta Airlines or British Airways as the airlines of choice for The Netherland’s annual May blooms.

Europe Luxury Travel | The Netherlands | Ker Downey

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