A luxury last minute trip to Russia with Ker & Downey gives you the opportunity to visit the cultural hubs of Moscow and St. Petersburg on a shorter timetable, but with the same attention to detail and luxury you’ve come to expect from us.

Russia is intriguing and captivating to the wandering spirit of travelers. It’s a country of contrasts where the opulence of the tsars is pitted against the starkness of the Soviet regime, and where the home of Tolstoy comes to life amid the vast landscapes of a country that spans eleven time zones. In the Red square, the details of the onion-domed cathedrals are alive with vibrant color.

Last Minute Trip | Luxury Russia Travel | St. Petersburg | Ker Downey

To make the most of a luxury last minute trip to Russia, you’ll want someone who can get you exclusive access and unique experiences to make your journey memorable. That’s where Ker & Downey comes in.

On our last minute trip to Russia, you’ll visit its capital city of Moscow and the cultural hub of St. Petersburg over six days while indulging in the luxurious accommodations of the classic Ritz-Carlton Moscow and the art nouveau Hotel Astoria. Both hotels are found in central locations, ideal for a last minute trip where timing and location are of the utmost importance.

In Moscow, you’ll explore the Kremlin and Red Square – the geographical and spiritual heart of Russia and the country’s most recognizable icons. A tour within the Kremlin walls reveals a labyrinth of ancient marvels, among them the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the official residence of the President, and the world’s richest museum, the Armoury. And at the southern end of the Red Square, explore the iconic multi-colored, asymmetric onion-and-helmet domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Last Minute Trip | Luxury Russia Travel | Moscow | Ker Downey

Experience the bygone era of train travel aboard the Grand Express Train as you travel overnight from Moscow to St. Petersburg. It’s Russia’s only private train and the centerpiece to your luxury last minute trip to Russia with a two-berth cabin that features all the comforts you would find in a premium hotel.

In St. Petersburg, you’ll visit the oldest sight of the city – Peter and Paul’s fortress, founded in 1703 by Peter the Great. It stands on a small island at the center of the Neva delta, with the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul at it’s heart. You’ll also see St. Isaacs Cathedral and the Hermitage Museum.

In both Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can gain a deeper appreciation for Russia’s culture and heritage by taking in a performance at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre or ballet at the Bolshoi in Moscow, or world-class ballet and opera at the Mariinsky Imperial Opera Theatre in St. Petersburg. Just let us know of your interest and we’ll arrange the perfect night out in the city.

Last Minute Trip | Luxury Russia Travel | St. Petersburg | Ker Downey

Last Minute Trips

Timed for a pre-holiday seasonal escape, and perfectly portioned and priced, our Jaunts Around the World are a collection of last minute getaways to some of our favorite destinations. You’ll experience the same Ker & Downey standards in a truncated time frame, giving you the chance to whet your appetite for travel and discover a destination to which we’re sure you’ll want to return. Take a break before the holiday chaos and jaunt to Russia or another a cherished corner of our world.

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