Southeast Asia luxury travel with Ker & Downey means exploring ancient cultures, exclusive access to private villas, and eye-opening experiences in some of the most beautiful countries in the world. Whether you prefer to explore the beautiful waters surrounding Southeast Asia by kayak or private yacht, there’s an excursion to please every adventurer. Here are our top six excursions to explore the waters of Southeast Asia.

Private slow boat cruise to the Pak Ou Caves

Travel by a private long-tailed boat to the mysterious Pak Ou caves where thousands of Buddah statues have been stored in a limestone cliff on the bank of the Mekong River. Soak in the sleepy pace of rural Laos, as you watch fisherman hand casting their nets and stopping to visit local villages along the way.

Southeast Asia Luxury Travel | Ker Downey | Pak Ou Caves | Laos

Private boat ride along the Western Baray reservoir to a private villa

After an ox-cart ride through rural villages, board a boat and travel along the Western Baray, a man-made reservoir once integral to the complex Angkorian rice irrigation system. Arrive at a remote villa surrounded by rice paddies for sunset drinks and dinner.

Shop the floating markets in Mekong Delta

Explore the sights and flavors of the Mekong Delta with a boat ride that takes you to the heart of the bustling Cai Be floating market. Traders have lived on the river in their boats for generations and sell their fruits, vegetables, and other products in the floating market.

Southeast Asia Luxury Travel | Ker Downey | Cai Be Floating Market | Vietnam

Cruise through the Mergui Archipelago on a luxury yacht

Spend a few days on board a private flush-deck yacht cruising through the Mergui Archipelago, a group of 800 deserted islands located in Myanmar’s remote south and virtually unknown to the outside world. Make your way through the azure waters saturated with colorful reef fish and past islands of white beaches lined with palm trees and dense jungles in one of the world’s most unspoiled destinations.

Explore over 30 dive sites around Mataking Island

There are over 30 dive sites around the tiny island of Mataking off the eastern coast of Borneo’s Sabah. The island sits on the edge of the continental shelf, with fringing reef of hard and soft coral filled with an abundance of macros and pelagic sea creatures. You can even explore an underwater post office attached to a sunken cargo ship and mail a plastic-protected postcard.

Southeast Asia Luxury Travel | Ker Downey | Mataking Islands

Kayak through the Mangrove Maze at Krabi Klong Talen

Explore the “Mangrove Maze” at Krabi Klong Talen aboard a kayak. You’ll paddle through beautiful passageways of rock gardens, limestone canyons, and smi-hongs filled with mangroves and abundant wildlife like monkeys, eagles, and lizards.

Southeast Asia Luxury Travel | Ker Downey | Thailand

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