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Though she has a deep love for living in the South, Amy love for traveling began in college when she traveled to Valladolid, Spain for a study abroad program. After graduating from Texas State University, she found a home at Ker & Downey as our graphic designer. Recently she traveled to China with Ker & Downey and got to experience the world of luxury travel firsthand. In her free time, she enjoys photography, art, and fitness, and is an avid boxer.

Amy Willis | Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

Favorite place you’ve traveled: Shanghai

Favorite city and why: New York. The city is alive with inspiration, character and ambition.

What is the best thing about traveling: The lessons. Breaking away from the daily routine and going on an adventure. Truly living in the moment.

Favorite plane ride activity: Reading and listening to music

Top of my travel bucket list: Thailand for surfing, yoga, muay tai and elephants.

Beach or mountains: Mountains

How do you take your coffee? Black with a half of a packet of Truvia

If they could bottle your personality what would the label read? Curious

My theme song is: “Gonna Fly Now” (theme song to Rocky. Seriously, I wake up to it every morning.)

Amy Willis | Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

Any pets? One very long dachshund

Something I said I’d never do but did anyway was: Fight

Two things I can’t live without are: Fitness and my pup

It’s Sunday morning at 10 a.m. If I’m not sleeping, I’m: Eating pancakes

My favorite physical activity is: Boxing

One thing I love that everyone else dislikes is: A really tough workout

The first thing I do when I wake up is: Turn on the news

One thing people are surprised to find out about me is: I’m a boxer

The last concert I went to was: Ours

My favorite TV show to watch as a kid was: Boy Meets World

If I could instantly learn a new language, I would learn: French

Amy Willis | Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

Guilty TV pleasure: Family Guy

On my nightstand: 10% Happier by Dan Harris

What’s inspiring you lately? Constructivism poster design and mid-modern century furniture

Life mantra in four words: Work Hard. Stay Humble.

Favorite quote: “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

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