Escape the winter chill to one of our top ten favorite hidden beaches and their resorts.

Everyone has that secret place they like to retreat to – the one that no one else knows about. It’s special because it is yours and yet to be discovered by the outside world. The privacy and seclusion is all you need to recharge your batteries. So when you are traveling, why head to overcrowded destinations? Seek solitude in the hidden gems of the world. We’ve gathered our top ten hidden beaches and retreats to help you get started.

Song Saa, Cambodia

The beaches in front of Song Saa in Cambodia are part of the resort’s private island so you won’t have to look through anyone else’s umbrellas for a view of the sea. There are more than twenty deserted islands nearby with incredible reefs and bays to explore with kayaks and snorkeling equipment.

Hidden Beaches | Song Saa | Cambodia Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

Six Senses Con Dao, Vietnam

Eighty percent of the land and much of the surrounding waters of the Con Dao Islands are protected areas and the beaches are all but deserted, ideal for travelers looking for peace and quiet in remote destinations. The surrounding waters of Six Senses Con Dao are are haven for sea turtles and the elusive dugong frequently swims in the reefs and shallow lagoons.

Hidden Beaches | Con Dao | Vietnam Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

There’s no truer tropical island paradise than Laucala Island – with white sand beaches and an endless blue ocean, lush palms and island vegetation. It’s home to the exclusive Laucala Island Resort where you can spend your days bronzing on the pristine beaches or head out on an adventure horseback riding, mountain biking, and a number of water sports including snorkeling and diving.

Hidden Beaches | Laucala Island | Fiji Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

Amanwella, Sri Lanka

The golden sands of these hidden beaches are located in a cove overlooking the Indian Ocean. The seaside resort of Amanwella is the ideal spot to soak up some of the sun’s rays and avid surfers will enjoy the ocean’s waves year-round, but May through November offers some of the best waves.

Hidden Beaches | Amanwella | Sri Lanka Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

Lupita Island, Tanzania

The white sandy shores of these hidden beaches are located on a private islands in the middle of Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania, turning the traditional idea of “beach” on its head. The surrounding waters are clear and calm, perfect for kayaking, canoeing, and diving to discover the unique underwater world of the lake.

Hidden Beaches | Lupita Island | Tanzania Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

Hotel Cala di Volpe, Italy

The turquoise waters off the coast Sardinia are among the most beautiful in the world and its sandy hidden beaches are just as spectacular. Hotel Cala di Volpe is the perfect hideaway to soak up the sun and if you keep your eyes peeled, you might just spot some of Hollywood’s elite taking a dip in the crystal clear waters.

Hidden Beaches |Hotel Cala di Volpe | Italy Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman

The Six Senses Zighy Bay is nestled on a stretch of beach that looks out onto the sparkling Gulf of Oman. You could take a car down a zigzagging road to the hidden beaches of this idyllic retreat, but we think you’ll have more fun paragliding down to the sandy beaches, landing just in front of the Six Senses Zighy Bay. It’s one thrilling entrance to this hidden gem.

Hidden Beaches |Six Senses Zighy Bay | Oman Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

Mukul Resort, Nicaragua

The Mukul Resort is the hidden gem among Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, located on four miles of private white sand beaches overlooking southern Pacific Ocean. It’s waters offer world class surfing and snorkeling and an excursion to Tamarindo Beach offers access to one of the most private beaches in the world.

Hidden Beaches |Mukul | Nicaragua Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

Iniala Beach House, Thailand

It doesn’t get any better than golden sand beaches and turquoise waters except for, perhaps, a fully staffed private beach house. Iniala Beach House on Phuket’s Natai Beach is a VIP experience on the Andaman Sea where you can kayak through limestone caves or dive in the Similan Islands.

Hidden Beaches |Iniala Beach House | Thailand Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

Gaya Island Resort, Malaysia Borneo

The hidden beaches of Gaya Island Resort are nestled in a hillside of ancient rainforests and accessible only by boat on the South China Sea. These private golden beaches are the perfect place to relax on a sun lounger or nap under the shade of the trees.

Hidden Beaches |Gaya Island Resort | Malaysia Borneo Luxury Travel | Ker Downey

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