On February 28th, Chris Slevin will be retiring from Ker & Downey after an extensive travel career that began in 1954. In his retirement he plans to travel extensively and spend some time travel writing. Ker & Downey President David Marek shares his thoughts about Chris’ retirement.

Chris Slevin | Ker Downey

I’ve known Chris Slevin for 20 years coinciding with his appointment as the Sales Manager for Ker & Downey in 1995. I’ve listened as Chris discussed the travels of his puppet children, Desmond and Dippity, through all parts of the world and I was fascinated that he could put their travels down in a children’s book. I rode in the back seat of his car as he rocketed through the streets of Houston as if he were driving in a Formula l event. Hint: if you ever have to ride with Chris… choose the back-middle seat, it’s the safest. And I’ve listened to the countless stories of someone who grew up in London at a time when the bombs were raining down from the Luftwaffe.

Through it all I’ve found Chris to be someone with an amazing memory who can entertain you with stories of his travel through several generations. Those clients who were lucky enough to work with Chris always ended up with the best planned trips.

You can’t replace someone with Chris’ knowledge and passion. Those people just don’t come along very often. It’s enough to say he will be missed. And I’m a better person for knowing him.