Now that you know what to do to avoid the common pitfalls of travel before, during, and after your trip, don’t forget to tuck these products in your carry-on. They’ll make your plane ride much more pleasant. By: Mary Bemis
1. ESPA 24-Hour Skin Saviour | An all-in-one product that may be used on face (dry lips!) and body, this little miracle tube contains skin-softening shea butter, manuka and tamanu oils, as well as evening primrose to deliver a skin-rescuing wallop of natural goodness. It’s also beneficial for protecting the skin from the woes of urban environments, as well as from sunburn and windburn. |

2. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist | This gentle mist, rich in rose oil, refreshes skin while keeping it nicely hydrated and moisturized. Additional ingredients like marshmallow, glycerin and aloe vera help to calm, soften and restore the skin. |

3. Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask | A travel essential and one of the best eye masks around, this light-blocking mask has clever, deep-molded cups for superior comfort. You can blink freely and if you’re wearing eye makeup, you won’t have to worry about smudging. These are smudge proof and come in a variety of basic solid colors and pretty prints. |

4. Mega Food Balanced B-Complex | As a food-based form of all the B vitamins, this complex is a favorite of Dr. Jim Nicolai, director of integrative wellness at Miraval Resort and author of the book, Integrative Wellness Rules: A Simple Guide to Healthy Living. |

5. Oligomer Pure Sea Water Bath | Oligomer means “little sea,” aptly named for this bath powder that’s derived from freeze-dried desalinated seawater concentrate. Ideal to use the evening before you fly or the evening you arrive at your destination, one packet poured into your tub delivers important trace elements that help prevent cellular fatigue. |

6. Amala Relax Lavender Concentrate | Renowned for its deeply relaxing qualities, lavender is the go-to scent to have on hand when traveling. Stash this rollerball (with lavender harvested in the south of France) in your bag for a quick fix, and simply apply to temples, neck and wrists. Breathe deeply and enjoy. |

7. Caldera Releaf Neck Rest | Lightweight and flexible, this patented product reduces neck and shoulder strain, while providing a “lifting sensation by temporarily supporting the weight of your head”, says global spa expert Sylvia Sepielli. |

8. White + Warren Cashmere Wrap & Slippers | Nothing says comfort quite like a cashmere wrap and slippers. White + Warren’s Cashmere Travel Wrap measures a generous 81” x 36” and is available in a variety of classic colors—gray, black, white, beige and navy—although we’re partial to the vibrant dragon-fruit hue. |
Mary Bemis is a leading spa and wellness expert. the founder of, and the co-founder of Organic Spa Magazine, she never leaves home without her eye mask and Epsom salts. To read the current issue of QUEST magazine online, click here, and be sure to stay up to date on all of QUEST’s online content by following the QUEST Facebook page.