As we bid farewell to 2013 and an incredible year of discovery, we’re also looking ahead to 2014 and which treasures in the big, beautiful world should be on your list of places to visit next.

1. Georgia – The Caucasus, Eastern Europe

This year we fell in love with the history and heart of The Caucasus region, and now it’s catching on. 2014 is the year to experience Georgia while you can still count yourself among the first pioneering travelers.


2. Borneo – Southeast Asia

One island encompassing three countries, Borneo is a tropical paradise that should be high on the list for the adventurous soul. With Ker & Downey chopper over – and into – the jungles of this wild isle for encounters with orangutans, traditional tribes, and stunning natural beauty.



3. Portugal – Europe

Celebrated for its cuisine and history, this coastal country continues to rise among Europe’s must-sees, soon to eclipse the popularity of some of its neighbors. Explore from the winelands to the coast, where a touch of golfing is an unexpected treat along one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world.


4. Egypt – Northern Africa

With travel warnings having just been lessened and a populace yearning to welcome visitors, there is no better year to see Egypt and her wonders. New ways to see the classics make a return trip refreshing, and the peace of mind while traveling with Ker & Downey allows for a robust experience for newcomers.

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