Cape Cadogan Hotel

Our Cape To Cairo itinerary begins with your arrival in Cape Town, South Africa where you board at Cape Cadogan: a luxury Victorian farmhouse declared a national monument in 1984. Patterned in soft creams and whites, the fashionable hotel is just a short distance away from Kloof Street, the Times Square of Cape Town. If the luxury hotel life isn’t appealing to you, Cape Cadogan offers 4 luxury apartments, each situated within walking distance of the hotel.

After Cape Town, you will have the option of traveling to the Lion Sand luxury lodges. The Lion Sand lodges are divided into two distinct, yet equally luxurious options: the family friendly River Lodge and the very exclusive Ivory Lodge. For the most discerning traveler Lion Sands also offers the owners private residence to small groups or families. Built in 1933, the home is a massive expression of Victorian grandeur on the South African plains. Each of the owners staff members, and every amenity in the home, is there for your private pleasure.

Lion Sand River Lodge Pool

While at Lion Sands you will also have the journey to undertake a true South African safari. Led by the lodge’s team you will be led on a professional and holistic adventure that few others have the pleasure of enjoying. The Elderhostel, Adventures in Lifelong Learning program gives advice when planning a South-African safari.

After your sojourn in Cape Town, you will fly to Cairo to tour the land of the pharaohs. While there, you will stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at the First Residence where you will enjoy unparalleled service and hospitality. The hotel’s premier location, overlooking the Great Pyramid of Giza and the ancient Zoological and Botanical Gardens, makes it the board of choice for weary travel adventurers.

Khan El Khalili Baazar

While in Cairo you will have the opportunity to visit the Khan El Khalili Baazar. Frequently known as the Turkish Baazar, this open-air shopping center was built in 1832 and was central to the Spice Trade of the time. Notably, it was this trade in goods that was responsible for Cairo’s early wealth and forced European explorers to seek to find alternate routes to the Indies to break the Mamluks monopoly.

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