The Quirimbas Archipelago

One generally wouldn’t think that the words Africa and tropical vacation spot would go together, but then you wouldn’t be familiar with the Quirimbas Archipelago. Situated off the northern coast of Mozambique from Pemba to the Ruvuma River, which is the natural border in between Mozambique and Tanzania, the area includes 32 islands. The few resorts on the string of islands, including Vamizi Island, are first class, private resorts that give you the feeling that you are on your own little tropical oasis.

Outside of a few lodges on the islands, the islands have never been fully developed, leaving you with a sense of absolute peace from the rest of the world. The water is a stunning clear blue, coral reefs in the area are as pristine as they come, and it is truly a paradise for those who are looking to get away from it all.

There are plenty of excursions to take on your tropical getaway such as snorkeling, fishing, dhow excursions, kayaking, nature hikes, and also seasonal whale watching. Plenty of marine life can be seen across the islands from sea turtles to dolphins. Also perfect for further exploration is the Quirimbas National Park, which not only has over a thousand kilometers of land to explore, but 11 uninhabited coral islands to see.

So when you start to think about your dream luxury tropical getaway, don’t forget about the Quirimbas Archipelago. It may just be one of the last unspoiled destinations on earth.