Ker & Downey’s guide to the top travel destinations for 2016, broken down month by month. Visit the top travel destinations in style and luxury in 2016.

From where to go and what to do, these are our top travel destinations around the world for each month. Where are you traveling in 2016?

January | Calving Season in the Serengeti

Head to the famed Serengeti for calving season – an incredible spectacle where upwards of 8,000 wildebeest are born each day. With the many infants on the plains, there’s sure to be lots of predator action as well.

2016 Top Travel Destinations | Luxury Travel | Calving Season in the Serengeti, Tanzania | Ker Downey

February | Harvest Festival in Argentina

Visit Argentina during the Harvest Festival for an authentic look at the region’s rich culture and world famous wines, right alongside the locals. The two week festival celebrates the culture and traditions from the 18 wine regions of Mendoza with parades, a song and dance performance with over 1,000 artists, and culminates with the crowning of a Harvest Queen.

2016 Top Travel Destinations | Luxury Travel | Mendoza Harvest Festival, Argentina | Ker Downey

March | Tiger Safaris in India

Since 2011, India’s tiger population has increased by 30%, which is good news for safari-goers heading to India in hopes of seeing the elusive feline. Head there in March as the temperature starts to rise and the animals head to the dwindling waterholes for a drink for your greatest chance at spotting the royal cats.

2016 Top Travel Destinations | Luxury Tiger Safaris | India | Ker Downey

April | Songkran Water Festival, Thailand

Ring in the Thai New Year and join in on the world’s largest water fight as the locals take to the streets with water guns and buckets of water in celebration. The act of throwing and sprinkling of water originates from the ritual of cleaning the images of Buddha with blessed water. Soaking others is a sign of respect and hope of good fortune, so join in and get wet.

2016 Top Travel Destinations | Luxury Thailand Travel | Songkran Water Festival | Ker Downey

May | Visit the Wine Regions of Georgia

The country is home to the world’s oldest winemaking regions, with some vineyards and traditions dating back 7,00 years. It’s definitely a trip true oenophiles should take.

2016 Top Travel Destinations | Luxury Travel | Georgia Wine Tour | Ker Downey

June | US National Parks Service Centennial

Celebrate 100 years of National Parks in the United States as the National Park Service kicks off its second centennial. See Yosemite, Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Teton, and Yellowstone in style on our Majestic Masterpieces journey that flies you across the country by way of private jet to the natural marvels.

2016 Top Travel Destinations | Luxury Travel | US National Parks | Ker Downey

July | Coffee Harvest in Colombia

The coffee growing region in Colombia is so significant – with more than 500,000 coffee growers – it was designated a World Heritage Site in 2011. It’s a family tradition among Colombians, passed down through the generations. On our Charms of Colombia journey, you’ll get an aerial view of the region from a hot air balloon and coffee tastings and tours through some of the plantations.

2016 Top Travel Destinations | Luxury Travel | Colombia Coffee | Ker Downey

August | The Flooded Okavango Delta, Botswana

During the dry season, animals seek solace around waterholes and rivers, and there’s none greater than the Okavango Delta. It’s flooded in August, so you’ll see a great variety of game, both on game drives and in mokoros that glide across the waters.

2016 Top Travel Destinations | Luxury Botswana Safari | Okavango Delta | Ker Downey

September | Whale Watching in Tonga

Each summer, a population of humpback whales make their way to the Vava’u islands to give birth to their young in the reef-protected waters of Tonga. Head to Tonga aboard a private yacht to swim alongside the whales and see the natural phenomenon for yourself underwater.

2016 Top Travel Destinations | Luxury Travel | Whale Watching in Tonga | Ker Downey

October | Optimal Wildlife Spotting in South Africa

The dry season in South Africa provides optimal game viewing as animals gather around water holes and the the long grasses are sparser, making it easier to spot game. It’s also a  great time to see newborn animals. We have an extensive range of journeys to South Africa to jump-start your safari planning.

2016 Top Travel Destinations | Luxury South Africa Safari | Ker Downey

November | Springtime in New Zealand

Get a jump start on the winter holidays by heading to New Zealand during their spring. The flower gardens at Otahuna Lodge and Christchurch Botanic Gardens are in full bloom and with milder temperatures, it’s an ideal time to take to the outdoors with hikes in Queenstown, Marlborough, and Abel Tasman. The vineyards of Marlborough are also particularly inviting in the springtime.

2016 Top Travel Destinations | Luxury Travel | New Zealand | Ker Downey

December | Christmas Markets in Germany

European Christmas markets are a novelty around the world. Ancient UNESCO city centers, lined in sparkling lights and wooden stalls, play host to copious amount of glühwein and general handcrafted merriment. Celebrate the Christmas holidays in 2016 with a visit to the German Christmas Markets, where your holiday season will be full of yuletide cheer, comfort, and luxury.

2016 Top Travel Destinations | Luxury Travel | Germany Christmas Markets | Ker Downey

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