There are many modes of transportation between Moscow and St. Petersburg, but the Grand Express Train is certainly the most luxurious. Russia’s first and only private train, this overnight hotel on wheels offers an unsurpassed level of comfort and a one-of-a-kind journey that is less about speed and more about experience.

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The Grand Express Train was the first private train to emerge after the creation of private passenger railway service companies. Today, it is still the only privately-owned train in Russia and serves as a leader among the overnight train options traveling back and forth between St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia’s two most renowned cities. And while a high-speed journey between both cities can clock in at about three hours, the Grand Express Train invites guests on a relaxing, eight-hour journey full of all the amenities of a hotel amid a world of lavish surroundings and passing countryside.

Guests aboard the Grand Express Train have an option of four classes of VIP cabins. Seven cars are reserved for First Class Business compartments featuring a transforming sofa, an upper bunk bed, air conditioning, a television, and a private washroom. The remaining eight cars are divided equally between the Premium cabins, Grand cabins, and the Grand Deluxe cabins, each offering an escalating scale of luxury. The Grand cabins, for instance, have the additional amenities of slippers and bathrobes, as well as a separate shower and water closet, while the Grand Deluxe cabins are set apart by their dual-cabin spaciousness and choice of travel sets for men or women. Reserved for the most discerning travelers is the Grand Imperial Cabin, the Grand Express Train’s finest accommodation. The size and facilities mirror the Grand Deluxe cabin, but guests have the additional benefit of dinner and breakfast served during the journey.

Furnished in plush reds and golds from top to bottom, the Grand Express Train offers a unique glimpse into luxury train travel in Russia. Upon stepping aboard, passengers are invited to dine on quality European food and drink in either the restaurant car or the privacy of their own cabin before retiring for the evening. Between the comfortable beds and noise isolating compartments, guests are promised a good nights sleep; however, many may prefer to stay up into the night simply to witness the sunrise over the Russian countryside as hot breakfast, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are served at the times of their choosing.

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