While they know it may be tempting to lump them in with their Baltic neighbors, the people of Latvia set themselves apart with their fun-loving, artistic attitudes. Their pleasant, if tiny, country serves as a giant playground where Latvians can hike, bike, ski, snowboard, and sail to their hearts content, and then take the inspiration and translate it into visual, musical, or written arts.

They invite you to do the same.

Slow Down Style

With only one major city center, the capital Riga, Latvia is truly a destination for those who are looking to get away and slow down. The dense evergreen forests look like they might be full of elves and princesses rather than the lynx and beavers you’re more likely to meet. As you hike you are likely to stumble upon one of the many forts, churches, or other fortifications left behind by one of the many invading powers that has staked it’s claim on Latvia throughout history.

Beachside Serenity

In contrast to the forests are the stunning beaches. While they aren’t the meccas of Mediterranean style-sun worshippers, these beaches are perfect places to find both serenity and sea breezes ideal for sail-based sports. Jürmala’s upscale spas and lovely holiday accommodations make it the primary destination for the well-heeled holiday crowd coming from Riga, and other European cities. For those in search of ultimate privacy, there are plenty of opportunities to find your own stretch of sand along the Baltic Sea coast.

Riga Energy

Riga itself is a delightful contradiction in appearance and spirit. Gothic spires and historical buildings give the city a stately, if austere presence. It’s old town is not the cozy storybook setting of many other celebrated capitals, but its abundance of art nouveau architecture hints at the city’s less buttoned-up future that would set it apart. Riga is packed with artists, innovators, and young energy.

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