Land of the legendary Angkor Empire, Cambodia is a unique cultural wonder with endless opportunity to explore deeper and further. Uncover the legacy of an ancient civilization in an exotic context with tailored Cambodia luxury trips by Ker & Downey. Whether it is natural beauty, cultural riches, or exotic flavors that you seek, Cambodia luxury travel offers more than you could have imagined.

Fascinating Beauty

Descended from the ancient Khmer civilization, the people of this land are extremely friendly and treasure Cambodia’s mysterious past and rich cultural heritage. This country will fascinate you with her diversity – here you can enjoy the islands off Century Beach, voyage into the jungle to find ancient temples and behold holy sandstone ruins next to the winding roots of a banyan tree in one of the many natural parks. Ker & Downey’s private tours in Cambodia with local experts help you get to know Cambodia’s beauty on an up-close and personal basis.

Water Elements

The element of water is a strong symbol in Cambodian culture, for the country is blessed with plentiful showers, filling streams and providing flourishing vegetation throughout the land. Each year, the river reverses the flow and is marked by the annual Water Festival, a celebration of the currents enjoyed by all. Tonle Sap, meaning great lake, is located in the center of Cambodia and serves as a floating community for many residents along the coast, as well as a habitat for assorted freshwater fish and birdlife. Sit at one of the waterside cafés and enjoy delicious Khmer cuisine while taking in the breezy tunes of Cambodian folk music.

Khmer Culture and Cuisine

You’ll no doubt wonder why Khmer culture and cuisine has not taken the world by storm like its Thai and Vietnamese neighbors. But for now, it’s your mystery to enjoy, as you feast your eyes, ears, and taste buds on one of the world’s last local secrets.

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View our collection of sample Cambodia luxury trips and speak with a Ker & Downey Cambodia luxury travel expert to customize your own journey. Our private luxury tours of Cambodia are a rich, full standalone experience or a great supplement to the other treasures of Indochina.

Sample Journeys

Multi Country Travel To Indochina HERO

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Cambodian Chic

10 days
9 nights
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Intrepid Cambodia FEATURE Raffles Grand Hotel D’Angkor

Intrepid Cambodia

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9 nights
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Luxury Travel To Cambodia And The Mekong River HERO La Residence D Angkor

Luxury Travel to Cambodia and the Mekong River

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9 nights
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Multi Country Travel To Indochina FEATURE Amantaka

Multi-Country Travel to Indochina

20 days
19 nights
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Journey Down The Mekong FEATURE Halongviolet

Mekong River Cruise

16 days
15 nights
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