For travelers seeking a retreat from busy cities and solace that only a hammock beneath shady palms can provide, paradise is found in the middle of the Indian Ocean on the coral islands and sandbars of the Maldives. With the natural beauty of white, sandy beaches, vibrant coral reef full of marine life, bright year-round sunshine, and pure blue skies and water, it is easy to understand why this secluded corner of the earth is paradise.

The islands are protected by thousands of reefs which are vital to sustaining life both above and below the water, protecting the islands from environmental factors acting as a natural barrier to waves, tropical storms, and floods. Beneath the sand, the waters are home to several ecosystems giving way to some of the best year-round diving on earth. Snorkel and dive among the lagoons and watch the waters come alive with 187 species of colorful coral, 1,100 species of fish, 21 species of whales and dolphins, and five species of sea turtles. Indulge in the serenity of island life with a sunset cocktail and the sound of waves washing onto the shoreline with luxury travel to the Maldives from Ker & Downey.

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