Thanks to its warm climate, spectacular beaches, and friendly rural regions, Spain is considered an exotic destination even by its European neighbors. Luxury travel to Spain promises to be an unforgettable experience.

From its glory days as a global empire that stretched from South America to Asia, to the more recent and turbulent 20th century, there is a wealth of history to uncover within its borders. Diverse cultures have converged on the Iberian Peninsula over the centuries, leaving their mark on the cuisine, architecture, and vibrant cities of Spain. The Moorish influence in Andalusia feels a world away from the Western European metropolis of Madrid. Then of course, there’s the Basque country, a singularly unique subculture that has retained its identity in the face of military and economic pressure to conform. The many proud provinces of Spain are so distinct, they almost act as their own countries, with dialects, customs and cuisine all their own.

As much as the world has shaped Spain, so Spanish natives have played a role in shaping the arts and culture of the rest of the world.

The incredible works of native sons Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso can be glimpsed in museums throughout the country, while Barcelona is home to some of the most stunning works of architecture in the western world. Antoni Gaudi’s work has inspired the imaginations of aspiring architects throughout the world, reaching across eras, genres, and fashions.

Sampling regional cuisine could shape an itinerary unto itself. Pairings of great food and wine are reliably available, yet entirely different in every region. New traditions can be discovered in nearly every city, town, and village, whether at a packed festival in Madrid’s city center, or on the quiet cobblestone streets of a tiny town. A journey to Spain with Ker & Downey reveals locales awash with the splendors of the past and the excitement of a modern European destination. Discover our Spain vacation packages below.