Among the best destinations for outdoor lovers, Slovenia still remains one of the world’s best-kept secrets. Nestled between the Alps and the Mediterranean, the landscape offers everything from snowcapped mountains, to green rolling hills, to a sunny coastal region where olive groves and fruit orchards thrive.

Proof of Slovenia’s outdoor appeal can be seen in their population of elite athletes, particularly in extreme and rugged sports. Slovenes are a hearty, hard-working people, which has translated well into the work ethic needed to master mountaineering and long-distance sports.

For visitors, these extreme sports can be translated into leisurely full-day experiences, or high-octane excursions. With Ker & Downey, you set your pace, and allow us to find the ideal expert guide to bring the ideal terrain, trail, and equipment to you.

As complete as the vistas may seem from the ground up, much of Slovenia’s magical scenery is actually located below the surface. Postojna and Škocjan are two of the country’s most famous caves, but many smaller caverns, underground streams, and otherworldly crevasses await exploration. A day of caving can be as adventurous or reflective as you wish, but you will no doubt walk away marveling at the riches below our feet.

The architecture and culture of Slovenia complements the landscape. The country’s close relationship to its neighbors shows in the built environment, from the grand Venetian style of the coast, to the humble Hungarian farmhouses further inland. The capital and main city of Slovenia, Ljubljana, has it’s own metropolitan culture as well, reflecting the population makeup that is a vast majority ethnic Slovene. Nowhere is the harmony between man and nature more evident than the Gorenjska region’s pastoral landscapes, lakes, chapels and castles in the shadows of the Julian Alps. There natural thermal springs feed into pools at prominent hotels.

As a small country accustomed to accommodating its neighbors, Slovenes are quick to learn other languages, particularly English and German. The country makes every effort to be hospitable and make way for the magic of mother nature.

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