Luxury travel to Honduras is ripe with colonial villages, fascinating ancient Maya ruins, lush natural parks, sprawling coffee plantations, pristine coastlines, and some of the finest tropical islands in Central America. As first-time visitors are quick to notice, Honduras is a diverse jack-of-all-trades nation whose name—translated as “depths”—accurately depicts its bounty of attractions. True, Honduras has received its fair share of crime related headlines, but that has yet to stop Central America’s second biggest country from charming travelers worldwide with its enticing landscapes and compelling cultural sites.

Honduras’ location between Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and the Pacific and Caribbean seas places it in a biodiversity hotspot. Like its neighbors, Honduras contains a treasury of flora and fauna, including a wealth of orchids, birds, and bats, and a range of ecosystems, from cloud forests and mangroves to savannas and reefs. Adventurous travelers will fall in love with the large rainforests of the Mosquito Coast, the seductive beauty of the Lenca highlands, the wildlife-rich jungle reserves of Mokitia, and, of course, the mystifying Maya ruins of Copán, the Paris of the Mayan archaeological sites located near the country’s western border.

Another lure of Honduras luxury travel is the fabled Bay Islands, a dive and party mecca off the country’s Caribbean coast. Beyond the white sand beaches and below the turquoise waters, bottlenose dolphins, manta rays, parrot fish, and schools of blue tang and whale shark frolic along the second largest barrier reef in the world. Roatán, Utila, and Guanaja are the three largest of the Bay Islands, each different from one another in offerings, development, and price, but all considered snorkeling and diving havens.

The metropolitan heart of Honduras is the capital city of Tegucigalpa, who political influence has created a hub of museums, cathedrals, and flavorful international upscale restaurants. Following Tegucigalpa in influence is the industrial capital of San Pedro Sula and the popular Carnival setting of La Ceiba, or “la novia de Honduras.” As the saying goes: In Tegucigalpa, they plan; in San Pedro Sula, they work; and in La Ceiba, they play!

Luxury travel to Honduras is a rich discovery of bygone civilizations and modern international influence. Contact Ker & Downey to incorporate the wonders of our Honduras vacation packages in your next Latin America journey.

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