Mexico is quietly and elegantly making its way into the minds of luxury travelers. It’s long been just a short hop away from Americans; this country has much more than beautiful white sand beaches, tacos, and tequila. Discover luxury travel to Mexico with the experts at Ker & Downey.

Busy cities with budding food scenes, vineyards, flamingo-filled nature reserves, ancient pyramids and Maya temples, and Spanish colonial architecture with pretty cobblestone plazas and grand mansions all exist in unison in Mexico.

A diverse cultural landscape means travelers will be greeted with everything from contemporary museums in Mexico City—home of world renowned artist Frida Kahlo—to colorful handicrafts made by the indigenous people in Oaxaca. History and modernity mingle with ease, and artisans still take inspiration from the Aztec culture’s symbolism of arrows and zig-zags.

Mexico has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the Americas. These archaeological gems are scattered throughout many regions of this fascinating country and artifacts are featured in museums. Make your way through lush jungles to Mayan ruins. Climbing hundreds of stairs offers panoramic views of the verdant fields below and the soaring mountains beyond.

Learn how to make tequila after wandering through a field of agave, or shop in a market to pick up fresh ingredients that will be used in a cooking lesson in a local home in Puebla.

In Mexico City, dinner is an art form, where culinary creativity continues to abound. The busy capital city has everything from luxury boutiques to colonial churches that house ancient Aztec buildings below.

Adventure seekers can escape the bustle of Mexico City to hike and canoe down waterfalls, climb mountains, or trek through deserts dotted with cacti. Snorkel in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to observe a rainbow of tropical sea life and whale sharks. On the Pacific coast, visit a grouping of uninhabited islands preserved by the late marine explorer Jacques Cousteau.

Stark contrasts abound here, but they are what makes a Mexico luxury vacation worthwhile. Contact your Mexico luxury travel consultant to start planning your own customized journey to Mexico. Start brainstorming with our Mexico vacation packages below.

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