Greece, perhaps more than any civilization, has shaped the Western world as we know it today. The foundations of art, architecture, philosophy, language, and sports stem from the ideas and discussions Classical Greeks put forth and remain with us as the institutions that stabilize and enrich our society. Luxury travel to Greece is a journey back in time.

While modern Greece is only a fraction of the size of the Greek empire at its zenith, the cultural artifacts compact into the relatively small country still account for the bedrock of nearly every field of study in modern academia and civic life.

Greece’s long history is a seamless tapestry of myth, legend, literature and fact. The country’s emphasis on story in the every day life and philosophy is evident in the diverse architecture from ancient ruins to modern day buildings. Gods and goddesses adorn ancient temples crumbling throughout the mainland and surrounding Greek Isles, and the famous amphitheater in Athens remains one of the world’s great design precedents. Some of these buildings are iconic, while others are hidden gems of the Aegean, but all tell of a culture beguiled by mythology, power and beauty.

One could spend ages exploring only the architecture of Greece. The famous Parthenon is found in the capital of Athens, whitewashed walls and blue-domed church characterize the islands, while Neoclassical and Ottoman-inspired buildings are spread throughout the mainland. However, Greece’s appeal extends beyond the built environment.

Because of its southernmost location on the Balkan Peninsula, Greece enjoys the best of mountainous terrain and breathtaking beaches on the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean Seas. The landscape of Greece is as varied as its architecture with white, sandy beaches that look out into the blue seas, and mountain ranges that overlook olive orchards and wine-producing valleys.

Greece luxury travel with Ker & Downey is the perfect way to discover the grandeur of the ancient world and experience the hospitality for which Greeks are well-known. Sample olive oil from the region, a staple found in every home, and indulge in a gyro before returning to luxurious accommodations. Contact our travel professionals now and and start planning your luxury Greece vacations.