A culturally rich nation with ancient traditions, Oman is a traveler’s delight. The legacy that has been passed from generation to generation, the art, the culture, the folklore, and the craftsmanship have to be seen. But, there is much more in the heart of Oman to explore: the sense of respect for time, for people, and for nature. Come and sample a part of Oman’s rich heritage, kept alive and unchanged for generations, with luxury travel to Oman.

There are regions in Oman that few have ever visited yet are waiting to be discovered by you.  Oman is truly a secret oasis that has not fallen into the typical tourist categories and, because of this, can offer exquisite and private adventures that are unforgettable.

Contact your Ker & Downey travel expert about a custom itinerary that includes a visit to this incredible region of the world. Get started with our Oman travel packages above.

Sample Journeys

Authentic Oman HERO

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Sands Of Arabia HERO

Sands of Arabia

13 days
12 nights
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Exotic Oman And Jordan FEATURE

Exotic Oman and Jordan

13 days
12 nights
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Authentic Oman FEATURE Alila Hinu Bay

Authentic Oman

7 days
6 nights
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A Bespoke Journey To Oman FEATURE

A Bespoke Journey to Oman

6 days
5 nights
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