Everything in Brazil seems larger than life. It has the world’s greatest waterfall, its biggest wetlands, its mightiest river, its largest rainforest, and one of the most unique and diverse cultures on the planet. Whether choosing a sun-soaked beach getaway, an intrepid Amazonian adventure, or classic colonial discovery, the best way to uncover the grand gamut of luxury travel to Brazil is by utilizing one of Ker & Downey’s handcrafted Brazil vacation packages and customizing it to suit.

The largest country in South America and the most geographically diverse, Brazil has an astounding range of ecosystems and climates, but the majority of the country is tropical. The interior of the country features numerous mountain ranges and rivers, including the stunning Amazon, and the gorgeous Atlantic coastline, with fascinating cities like Florianópolis. From Rio to Trancoso, Brazil is most certainly a perfect beach holiday destination and boasts a multitude of private villa options for discerning travelers flocking to its exotic coasts.

Nature lovers will also never be bored here with our Brazil travel packages, with the promise of incredible sights like the Meeting of the Waters in Manaus to the majestic Iguazu Falls in the south and the vast diversity of flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest and wetlands. For those seeking something truly extraordinary, consider an exciting guided journey into the state of Mato Grosso, where the fragile ecosystem is struggling in a fight for survival. The cornerstone of Mato Grosso is the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland area. This lush mix of marshes, plains, and rivers is likened to the Okavango of Botswana in both geography and biodiversity. Recent discoveries of unknown tribes further bring to light the plight of this wild and magnificent region. It is quickly disappearing, but there are many who fight daily to preserve it.

Then, of course, are the renowned coastal cities of Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo—each full of their own manifestation of history, magic, and culture. From the pulse-pounding rhythm of Rio, the glory of Iguazu Falls, or the delicate Amazonian rainforest, Ker & Downey can create a Brazilian experience you will never forget. Discover luxury travel to Brazil with our Brazilian vacation packages below.