Australia luxury travel is defined by a plethora of experiences that bring its culture and color to life. It is hard to define the island, country, and continent of Australia with one word. There are sparkling cities, quiet Outback expanses, and underwater worlds with striking colored corals.

“The Land Down Under” is a palette of incredible natural diversity. Kangaroos, crocodiles, and wombats, oh my. Hundreds of bird species fly through the blue skies.

The country is large, but its population is small with one of the lowest densities on the planet and most of it lives along the east coast. Cosmopolitan cities are busy and bold, just like the coffee that Melbourne residents like to sip at one of the many trendy cafes. The multicultural makeup of the country means that the food is a delectable fusion of varying cuisines. Sip on wine from one of the local wineries or whiskey from Tasmania. Hobart is a funky city with museums, markets, and a moody past. The historical city of Port Arthur recalls the dark stories of this former penal colony.

Splash along Bondi Beach in Sydney and watch a show at the Opera House. Melbourne is artsy with hip boutiques and is a foodie’s dream. Adelaide is known for its live music and just offshore, Kangaroo Island is a paradise of white cliffs jutting out to sea. Seals and sea lions inhabit the deep blue waters and cute koalas live on land. Unwind at a wine estate near Perth, while in Brisbane, the day stretches into night at one of the many rooftop bars.

Most of the country is vast and uninhabited. Rusty red deserts rule in the Outback. This arid center of the country spreads as far as the eye can see, with odd rock formations jutting up from the mysterious land. Towns are sparsely spread in between long, traffic-free roads. Mountains soar high, canyons dip deep.

Learn about the Indigenous people at one of the galleries in Darwin, or head out of the city to Kakadu National Park, a World Heritage Site, that will take you back 20,000 years. The ancient rock art provides a glimpse into the Aboriginal life. Crocodiles are estimated to number 10,000 and spottings are a frequent occurrence in this park, the size of Switzerland.

Dive into the beautifully clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef, so large that it can be seen from space. Swim with majestic whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef on the opposite end of the country.

Amazing experiences abound with Australia luxury travel curated by the experts at Ker & Downey.