Although it’s most notably known for the Panama Canal, one of the most important shipping links in the world, the small country of Panama is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and eco-tourists as well. From the cosmopolitan capital of Panama City with its sophisticated arts, fashion, and dining scene, to the turquoise waters and untouched beaches of the coast, there’s a little bit of something to please every traveler in Panama. It’s the “Crossroads of the Americas” and because of its relatively small size, it’s easy to travel between the two coasts, get a glimpse of the cultural diversity, swim with sea turtles, hike the cloud forests in the mountains, and zip line through the rainforest all in one trip. Panama adventure travel is truly an unforgettable experience.

The flora and fauna of Panama is diverse, with over 900 species of birds alone. There are numerous outdoor activities that provide the best way to discover all that Panama adventure travel has to offer. Hike the numerous trails through the national parks, including the famous Quetzal Trail, where you have the opportunity to spot the Quetzal. Explore the beaches and mountains on the back of a horse and the underwater aquarium of the Atlantic and Caribbean with scuba gear and snorkels. Piñas Bay is known as one of the best fishing spots in the world, while the Gulf of Chiriqui is one of the best places to fish for black marlin. Experience all this and more with our Panama vacation packages.

Travel to Panama is diverse and exciting. Contact us today to begin planning your journey to Panama.