Denmark is a destination of deep history. What was once a land of seafaring and savage Vikings has become a leader in innovation and imagination. Between its striking architecture, free education system, delicious pastries, and world-famous design, it’s no wonder why the word “Danish” has become synonymous with progressive world-changing ideas and also immense happiness.

True, Denmark has been heralded as one of the world’s happiest countries. Perhaps it has something to do with the country’s long line of creativity. From Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales to the contemporary acting prowess of such celebrities as Scarlett Johansson and Viggo Mortensen, there is no doubt that Denmark has left a significant stamp on entertainment and art.

At the heart of Denmark is the capital of Copenhagen, a city home to colorful harbors and the ever-iconic Little Mermaid statue. Nearby the Danish countryside is within easy reach, as are the royal castles of North Zealand. Frederiksborg, Fredensborg, and Kronberg reveal Renaissance splendor, Italian influences, and Shakespearean-worthy settings. The emphasis on royalty is well placed here, as Denmark boasts the oldest continuing monarchy line in the world.

The southern region of Denmark unveils such charming towns as Odense—the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson—with its colorful half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets. Venturing north toward Aalborg and the northernmost reaches of Skagen likewise allows one to follow in the footsteps of the Skagen Painters amid stunning nature. To stand in the waters here is to stand at the exact place where two oceans collide.

Further afield, the Faroe Islands serve up unbelievable scenery and delicious seafood at every turn. Local Faroese residents are ready to share their fascinating stories and histories, as well as demonstrate their everyday way of life amid the canyons and fjords scattered throughout the islands. Natural spectacles here include the beautiful Saksun Lagoon, the amazing Fossa Waterfall, the other-worldly Vestmanna Cliffs, and, most of all, the Gasadalur cliffs off the Vagar Islands—a sight out of a picture book.

Denmark is often included as a single stop within greater Scandinavia and Northern Europe itineraries. It is worth diving deeper into this mysterious and mystifying country whose creative capitals, captivating coasts, and friendly residents combine to make this single country its own standalone destination. Contact our experts and start crafting your own custom journey to explore Denmark.