Colombia is a land of fantastical realism. After decades of civil unrest and scarring headlines of drug trafficking and violence, Colombia has entered into a new era of peace and progress. It has overcome its wounded reputation with promises of magical scenery, fun people, famous coffee, and legendary Colombia adventure travel. All of this can be experienced when you travel to Colombia with Ker & Downey.

From its sun-soaked Caribbean sands to the emerald hills of Eje Cafetero and the wild Amazon rainforest to the bustling, historic cities of Bogotá and Cartagena, luxury travel to Colombia boasts all of South America’s appeal and more within its ever-changing geography.

Colorful Cities

In Cartagena on the Caribbean coast, you’ll find an exceptionally preserved colonial city. Colorful buildings, graffiti art, and blooms spill into the cobblestone streets. Meanwhile, the capital city of Bogota is constantly seeing new restaurants, craft breweries, and hotels pop up. In 2011 it decriminalized street art. As a result, the city has become a fascinating canvas for some of the world’s most beloved street artists.

Protected Biodiversity

It’s tempting to travel to Colombia simply for its incredible five-in-one natural biodiversity and history. It has 53 protected areas and seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Additionally, the Amazon basin alone covers about a third of the country. However, the discerning traveler comes for the people.

Warm and Inviting People

Despite their torrid past, Colombians are among the happiest and most optimistic individuals on earth. A vibrant mix of influence from Spanish colonizers, European immigrants, Afro-Caribbean slaves, and indigenous people like La Guajira Peninsula’s Wayuu people, Colombians are a warm and inviting blend representing a stunning contemporary Colombia.

Travel to Colombia with Ker & Downey

We welcome you to join us as we set the new standard for luxury travel to Colombia. Whether you seek Colombia adventure travel in the Andes or rich cultural immersion in Cartagena, the trip of a lifetime awaits. Let our Colombia vacation packages inspire you. Then contact us to begin planning your own customized journey.

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