Luxury travel to Canada promises unlimited adventure. Indeed, Canada is a vast natural playground of tundra and traditions. It is also highlighted by progressive cities that stay on the cutting edge of global arts and culture. When counting the adventures possible within its borders, you must look from earth to sea. From skiing on mountains to surfing on swells, these excursions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Canada adventure travel. Additionally, an endless network of trails winds through a total of 46 National Parks and Reserves, each of which reveal their own unique environments. As such, grassy plains, verdant thicket, coastal beauty, snowcapped mountains create pristine stomping grounds for moose, bison, deer, and woodland critters of all sorts.

To maximize Canada luxury travel, consider Canada’s own version of the “Wild West”: British Colombia, the westernmost territory. Anchored by Vancouver, the great outdoors surround this province at every turn. As such, it tempts explorers with sparsely-populated mountains, forests, and coasts. It also boasts a healthy bear population and a wealth of remote luxury lodges. Additionally, the Chilcotin region invites wilderness adventurers to its 32-million acres of woods and lakes in south-central British Colombia. While here, walk through the surrounding forest with a skilled guide on a bear watching trek or venture up scenic Tullin Mountain to take in the view.

For something completely different, consider venturing north into the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. The population in these areas is almost entirely indigenous, and they rarely see visitors. Therefore, their friendly hospitality and compelling stories offer an altogether unique Canada luxury travel experience to those looking for true authenticity. Visit a local chief on his property. Partake in a workshop with a local artist. And experience a land and fire feeding ceremony with a Dene Elder.

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