Nicknamed “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes,” Nicaragua is a beautiful country with varied landscapes and a rich Spanish colonial culture. It’s a haven for adventure travelers and beach goers alike, with coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and North Pacific Coast, tropical rainforest, and volcanoes perfectly suited for hiking.

When you travel to Nicaragua, you can explore Nicaragua’s well-preserved Spanish colonial culture in Granada, located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, and one of the oldest settlements in Central America. It’s famous for its colonial architecture, bright colors, and the horse-drawn carriages that can be seen in the streets. Kayak on Lake Nicaragua, home to freshwater sharks and teeming with birdlife like tropical cormorant, herons, osprey, and egrets. In Matagalpa, cloud forests and nature reserves are plentiful, and provide a great opportunity to see many types of bird, monkeys, and exotic wildlife. To soak up the sun, head to one of the many beaches and surf among waves that have been ranked fifth best in the world.

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