Few countries have had as much impact on the world today than Germany, and although it has had its share of dark history, there’s no denying its significance and cultural influence. Known for its precision, the engineering powerhouse gave us the world’s first printing press and luxury vehicles like the Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche, a source of great national pride. It is also the birthplace of great thinkers like Albert Einstein and Martin Luther, and great musicians like Beethoven. It’s a country of great natural beauty with forests and river valleys, wine lands, coastline in the north, and the Alps. Luxury Germany travel becomes unforgettable with our Germany vacation packages.

The great cities of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Leipzig offer so much to discover in terms of museums, cultural experiences, historic monuments, and memorials commemorating those who lost their lives during World War II. The cities are full of Romanesque, Gothic, and baroque architecture, as well as Frank Gehry and Daniel Libeskind’s modern masterpieces. Outside of the cities, you’ll find cozy, old world charm in the smaller towns, with castles and palaces dotting the landscape and banks of the Rhine, of which the most well-known is King Ludwig’s Schloss Neushwanstein castle in southwest Bavaria.

Microbreweries, pubs, and beer gardens in Bavaria are popular places to taste a mug of the country’s famous beer, and Munich’s yearly Oktoberfest is Europe’s most visited festival of the year. It brings in over 6 million visitors to Germany each year. In addition to the beer region of Bavaria, Germany’s wine lands in the southwestern region are also popular and host its own yearly wine festival that over 600,000 people attend. Finally, traveling to Germany during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays offers an exciting opportunity to visit some of the world’s best Christmas markets.

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