Sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Spain means Portugal is sometimes lumped together with its larger neighbor, but the country has a life and culture all its own. Bordering the Atlantic and home to an incredibly diverse landscape of mountains and valleys, Portugal’s coveted warm weather makes it a popular destination for Europeans and international travelers alike. Visitors will feel like they’ve got lots room to themselves on Portugal’s beaches and in its cities, thanks to Spain attracting the lion’s share of holiday-goers.

The medieval history of the country can be felt throughout, from the cobblestone streets all the way up the facades of the ancient castles and city walls. Portugal’s wine regions to the north are a delight to the senses, and the old-world charm of tiny rural villages and the splendor of towering Gothic cathedrals will leave visitors enchanted. Explore Portugal with Ker & Downey – it’s a small country with a big, warm heart.