One of the oldest countries in the world, Ethiopia is a land of deep history and fascinating tribes. Many historians even believe that it may be the birthplace of humanity, for it was here, in the northern region of the country, that the fossils of the oldest living hominid “Lucy” were discovered—fossils which date back 3.5 million years. Travel to Ethiopia with Ker & Downey today!

Ethiopia is also the second oldest Christian nation in the world after Armenia, with millennia-old Christian ceremonies still practiced today, most notably in the magnificent rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the grass-roofed monasteries of Bahir Dar, and the Mariamtsion chapel, built on the site of Ethiopia’s first church and the supposed resting place of Moses’s original tablets on which are inscribed the Ten Commandments.

In a country this diverse, there is an endless amount of adventure excursions, sightseeing, and cultural activities to experience. It is at once wholly African, with iconic landscapes, animals and tribes known the world over for their fascinating traditions. At the same time it is a world of its own, high on plateaus and boasting more endemic mammals than anywhere else on the planet.

Ethiopia’s dramatic landscapes are full of mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and arid deserts, including the Danakil Depression, one of the world’s most remote spots and a part of the Earth that remains geologically unstable and in constant flux. To the south, the Simien Mountains National Park and Bale Mountains National Park are ideal for trekking and spotting animals and birds that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

With nine World Heritage Sites, fascinating tribes people, centuries-old monasteries full of historical treasures, and hundreds of religious architectural marvels throughout the country, an Ethiopia vacation is essential on any Ker & Downey Africa travel bucket list. Contact a Ker & Downey luxury travel expert today to begin planning your travel to Ethiopia.

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