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Luxury Travel to Norway’s Natural Beauty

From breathtaking fjords to cutting edge design, Norway proves among the most beautiful countries in the world. To be sure, the country boasts an abundance of real estate above the Arctic Circle. It  therefore may not seem like a year round destination. However, the Norwegians have perfected the art of keeping warm while exploring their own winter wonderlands. Whether you seek the midnight sun or a sparkling blanket of snow, Norway’s beauty is truly evergreen.

Happiest Country in the World

In addition to its natural beauty, Norway boasts a commitment to social programs and life-work balance. It therefore consistently ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world. Luxury travel to Norway allows you to see this balance firsthand. Walk through the streets of major cities like Oslo or Bergen, and you will notice the health and wellbeing of the Norwegians is palpable. This makes it a pleasant environment for locals and visitors alike.

Architectural Advancements

In the mid-20th century, Scandinavia emerged as leader in furniture and architectural design. The clean lines and modern sensibility of the Nordic countries reflects the region’s no-nonsense approach to quality and beauty in every arena. Today, the Scandinavian countries continue to produce renown designs. Luxury travel to Norway, specifically Oslo, with an expert architecture guide, you will no doubt grow in your appreciation for the subtle beauty of Nordic craftsmanship.

Deep History

Of course, the modern era is only the tip of the iceberg in Norway. The country’s deep history is filled with tales of bravery and cunning from the Saga age and beyond. Visit the Viking Museum in Oslo. Then venture further into the history with a visit to the Lofoten Islands in the north. The northern reaches of the country are also the best place to view the Northern Lights in the winter. Later periods of history bequeathed to Norway a diversity of chapels, cathedrals, and fortresses, each marking of chapter of the country’s epic story.

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