Uganda is a unique experience for those searching for an uncommon adventure. Go beyond game viewing from a four-wheel drive vehicle. Most travelers to the country come for the gorilla trekking, long considered a highlight, and with good reason. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is home to about 350 mountain gorillas, roughly half of the world’s remaining population. The verdant maze of trees and vines of this national park provides a perfect home for these gentle giants. Its an adventure unlike any other. Venture on foot into the mountainous forests to come face to face with one of the rarest species on earth.

Outside the Uganda gorilla safaris, other major draws of Uganda include birding, trekking the forest reserves, and visiting the Nile’s source at Lake Victoria in the southern part of the country. A landlocked country in East Africa, Uganda shares its borders with Kenya, the Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Due to the large number of ethnic groups thrown together in the former colonial territory, Ugandan culture is remarkably diverse. During the era of British colonialism, settlement by Europeans was not allowed. As such, most travel guides are native to the country, leading to an authentic adventure. Indeed, Uganda is as authentic as it gets. The smoky urban bustle of Kampala bursts at the seams then gives way to lush subsistence farming and small villages full of friendly locals.

Ker & Downey for Africa in Uganda

Ker & Downey has a special place in its heart for the communities of Uganda. Each year, Ker & Downey hosts a team of individuals through its Ker & Downey for Africa program to distribute mosquito nets, medications, and medical care to the rural areas around Mbale. Through these annual mission trips, we have been able to provide around 15,000 blood tests and doctor visits, as well as clothing and essentials, including upwards of 9,000 mosquito nets.

Ker & Downey offers wonderful luxury travel and philanthropic itineraries to Uganda. Experience gorilla safaris in Uganda through our customizable Pearl of Africa journey, and other Uganda vacation packages below.