The tranquil country of Laos unites untamed natural beauty with its deep ethnic background to give you the most serene vacation possible. Laos holds tight to its Buddhist tradition, living each day peacefully and gracefully. Each visit to Laos gives a unique spin on the Southeast Asia Experience, for it is one of the most laid-back countries in the world. Whether you seek Laos travel packages for a romantic getaway, or if you wish to  expand your family’s cultural horizons, Laos luxury travel fuses adventure and wilderness to give you an exhilarating experience.

The opportunities in Laos are endless: bathe in an herbal sauna, trek through the forested mountains of the north or kayak around the gothic limestone karsts of Vang Vieng in the south. This calm land of mountains and mist will be sure to satisfy any journey you are seeking. Submerge yourself in the Lao culture as you watch hundreds of saffron-robed monks move silently among centuries-old monasteries or share a bottle of Beerlao with a loved one as you watch the sun set on the Mekong River. An escape with Ker & Downey’s Laos vacation packages to this nation of peace and serenity will be sure to be rejuvenating and memorable.