Long considered simply a stopover super-shopping mall, Singapore has recently redefined itself as one of the most exciting international hotspots. Its resurgence is steeped in self-confidence, from bold new architecture and multi-billion-dollar green spaces, to contemporary-meets-colonial public art and surprisingly modern menus. Crowded and colorful, this small island city-state—the world’s busiest port and second-most densely populated country after Monaco—makes up for its compact surface area with a wealth of diversity. Its 5.5 million-strong population is a veritable microcosm of Asia, with a medley of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and global expats making up its multi-racial cultural influences. What better way to experience these cultures than with luxury travel to Singapore from Ker & Downey?

The main island of Singapore is laid out like a flattened diamond, 26 miles east to west and 14 miles north to south. Setting it apart from its other cosmopolitan city sisters is a clean and modern city center, sophisticated public transportation system, and proliferating gardens, which cover more than half of the city. Of the island’s total land area, half is built up with the iconic skyscrapers of the Central Business District (CBD), the convention centers of Marina Square, and charming 19th-century colonial landmarks. The remaining balance is made up of all things green and natural: soothing urban parks and botanic gardens; sleepy farmlands heavy with bananas, papayas, and jackfruit; muddy swamplands teeming with lobsters and lizards; ancient rainforests alive with monkeys and drongos; and even futuristic “supertrees” downtown. More than 50 parks are scattered in this international “City in a Garden”, and four surrounding nature reserves are just a quick city bus ride away.

The eternal appeal of luxury travel to Singapore, however, rests in its bustling food and shopping scenes. Singapore’s malls are the stuff of legend, where catwalk couture coexists alongside bargain street trends, while the melting pot of Singaporean food captures the country’s obsession with all things flavorful. It is the city’s booming food scene that remains the greatest unifying force across Singapore’s many ethnic divides, covering the gamut of Indian biryanis, Chinese chili-spiked crabs, Malaysian laksas, and even 24-hour coffee shops. Yet while the heritage of Singapore is best revealed through its melee of international flavors, there is nothing more quintessentially Singaporean than English high tea at Raffles Hotel, one of the city’s most seminal landmarks. The ambiance and décor of the famous Tiffin Room is a reflection of the city’s colonial glory days from the turn of the century to the 1930s.

With its self-contained residential towns, tropical climate, towering skyscrapers, and vibrant nightlife, the Garden City of Singapore is the perfect springboard into Southeast Asia. Contact a Ker & Downey expert today to start planning your custom-made luxury Singapore journey today. Discover our Singapore vacation packages above.

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