Much of the western imagination of China focuses on its massive metropolises and political positions. However, the country’s diversity and stunning beauty continually surprise those who make the journey east. Not only does it have the largest population in the world, but a millennia of history so vastly different from the West as well. Luxury travel to China will certainly to spark the imagination and passion of adventurers as they explore the majestic forests, thriving cities, and picturesque pockets of historical preservation.

China has emerged from centuries of civil unrest and dictatorial domination to become a modern superpower. Bordered by Russia to the north and Laos, Vietnam, India, and the Himalayas to the south, China is the origin of some of the world’s greatest philosophers, scientists, and religious and military leaders, each of whom have left their mark on the soul of the nation.

A burgeoning young middle class has also rediscovered the natural riches of their country. In turn, they’ve enacted preservation and recreation initiatives to open up the landscape to greater appreciation. The geography ranges from plateaus and mountains in the west, to extensive plains in the east. Finally, the Gobi Desert lies in the north. Life flourishes along the country’s rivers. Both the Yangzte and Yellow are home to a variety of endemic species and flow through widely-varying ecosystems.

The marvels of China range from the smallest of temples to the Great Wall, one of the world’s oldest wonders. In Beijing, find opulent palaces and treasures from past dynasties inside the Forbidden City. Its preserved wooden structure contrasts with the shining facilities built for the 2008 Winter Olympic Games. Meanwhile in UNESCO Heritage Centers like Lijang, witness the ancient harmony of nature and civilization.

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