Discover a land where you can gaze upon neverending ripples of red sand from atop the back of a camel. A land where you can inhale the fresh scents of cinnamon, cumin and ginger. A land where ancient and modern cultures interlace to form the fascinating Islamic architecture of North Africa. Discover luxury travel to Morocco with Ker & Downey. Formerly named “The Western Kingdom”, Morocco shares beauty, history and excitement with all of her visitors. In the midst of the Atlas Mountains, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is also enveloped by the natural wonders of the Sahara Desert. Sail the coast alongside windsurfers in the northeast seaside town of Essaouira or stroll through one of the many open-air markets as you stroke the delicate rugs and jewelry handcrafted by native artisans. Embrace a loved one in a rooftop canopy as you overlook the romantic Old City of Casablanca.

If you are looking to unwind, let Morocco’s natural world take you on a journey through her botanical gardens to a mystical Hammam, where you will release your tension through a steam bath of age-old and modern treatments. As it is home to wildlife such as rare birds and monkeys, Morocco luxury travel with Ker & Downey would surely be a remarkably unforgettable experience. Discover our Morocco vacation packages today.