Greenland offers an ideal place for adventure-seekers. Second in size only to Australia and sitting as Iceland’s much bigger neighbor, Greenland hosts a wealth of wonder within its borders. The massive landscape has a lot of ground to cover and provides an array of experiences for those seeking Greenland adventure travel.

Raw Landscapes

One of nature’s rawest landscapes will make yours back home feel distant and vastly different. To be sure: luxury travel to Greenland feels otherworldly. Spend the night in a cottage facing the ice fjords. Or bounce and zip across a blanket of white on a snowmobile. From above in a helicopter, the mountainous landscape is just as breathtaking, dotted with charming fishing huts. Alternatively, catch the vivid Northern Lights blaze across the sky in fluorescent green as you circumnavigate the coast. On the coast, glide through the ice fjords by kayak or take flight above the Isua Glacier, spotting spouting whales down below. Keep your camera ready to catch a glimpse of other sea life, including seals. Giant icecaps dwarf everything nearby.

In the warmer months, the region around Nuuk—the capital of Greenland and its largest city—becomes vibrant. The nearby waterfalls tumble toward weathered rocks. Plus, valleys of green unfold as far as the eye can see. You can also discover ancient settlements dating back more than 4,500 years as you hike through the UNESCO-listed Sermermiut Valley. Indeed, Greenland adventure travel offers something for everyone.

Local Culture

Luxury travel to Greenland may seem difficult and isolated—even in modern times. However, one chat with the locals over coffee and cakes will change your opinion. The country might be the world’s least densely populated, but its communities are overflowing with warm welcomes. We recommend visiting local homes for  a Greenlandic tradition called Kaffemik. Indeed, this social gathering offers a fascinating opportunity to hear about everyday life on the edge of the world.

When you need a break from your Greenland adventure travels, settle in for a cool Arctic sauna experience. Decadent oils enhance the heat and steam of the sauna. In between the treatments, go outside to roll around in the snow before heading back inside to warm up in the sauna again.

Finally, within the Arctic Circle, discover the colorful little town of Ilulissat. A rainbow of red, blue, and green houses contrast the translucent ice and snow’s bright white. In the winter months, the only sound you will hear are the dog’s howls and the thick silence of this snowy terrain.

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