Switzerland might be one of the most idyllic and romanticized countries in the world. Famous for it’s snowy Alps, austerity, and accuracy, it’s fare to say that it doesn’t mind being set apart. Learn about luxury Switzerland travel below.

Of course the most iconic distinction for Switzerland are the mountains. The most mountainous country in Europe is known for exclusive chalets and quaint hamlets in the shadows of some of the most coveted ski resorts in the world. The majestic Matterhorn stands most prominent of all, with year round winter sporting available.

The lakes, particularly Lake Lucerne make up the other prized portions of the landscape. Lucerne’s tentacles and dramatic surrounding mountains give it an almost Nordic feel, similar to the fjords of Norway. Meanwhile, Lake Geneva and its surrounding cities, Lausanne and Geneva capture the elegant cosmopolitanism of the international organizations—from NGOs to banking—and world-class design.

The country’s world-renown neutrality is likely responsible for the amazing preservation of cities like Bern, the nation’s capitol. Bern’s medieval street plan remains unchanged, showing off waterways, and architecture of dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. The town’s continued growth has left it with stunning buildings from subsequent eras, including the Neo-Renaissance parliament.

Nowhere does the country’s ancient and modern identity come together with more panache than in Zurich, the nation’s banking and finance center with luxury and style to match. However, instead of glass skyscrapers and modern development dominating the city’s streetscape, Zurich has preserved its pre-medieval cobblestone streets, waterfront promenades, and the charm of their Altstadt (old town).

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