New Zealand has been described as “The World in Miniature” and “Paradise on the Pacific”, and for good reason. Weeks could be spent discovering the country’s varied and dramatic North and South Islands, from the subtropical north down through the amazing geothermal region of the volcanic plateau, to the remote, lofty, glacier-clad Southern Alps. Ker & Downey’s luxury travel to New Zealand shows you this country in a way that enables you to immerse yourself in the untouched natural beauty, peaceful fjords, wild rivers, and lush forests of these islands, the jewels of the South Pacific that New Zealanders have nicknamed “Godzone”.

New Zealand’s population reaches just about 4.5 million people, spread across 168,000 square miles, making it larger than the United Kingdom yet home to only one-fourteenth of its population. Indeed, it is one of the world’s least crowded countries to explore and boasts six times more sheep than it does people. It is therefore an ideal destination for those seeking peace, luxury, and tranquility, as well as wide-open adrenaline-packed adventure. Glaciated mountains surrounded by verdant rainforests, steaming geothermal hot spots embedded in sacred indigenous land, and idyllic vineyards leading the way to coastal national park dreamlands: the natural beauty of New Zealand is both awe-inspiring and epic—certainly worthy of the fantasy movies and intrepid novels that use its landscapes as a backdrop.

But New Zealand is more than an ecological playground, where the scenery is rolling shire hills one minute and the towering slopes of The Remarkables the next. It is also home to the warm friendliness of the Kiwis and the deep native heritage of the Māori people. The Māori culture is beyond potent throughout the country—the languages are still spoken, the hangi feasts are still held, and the blood-curdling haka war dances are still on display. And while one might draw the line at getting their own ta moko face tattoo, they will certainly not be opposed to having their jade purchases being blessed by a Māori before their departure home.

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