With a stunning diversity of ecology and lifestyles, Azerbaijan luxury travel might be one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. Nine of the eleven recognized ecological zones exist within the country’s relatively close borders, with the Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian Sea ensuring that the most of country remains temperate year round. Those looking for extremes can find them in small pockets of the country where arid heat and ample snow can both be found.

Azerbaijan is a country of optimism, working to define itself as a nation after regaining its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The largest country in the Caucasus region, it sits near Russia, at the junction of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is culturally similar to Turkey, with over 90% of its population belonging to the Azeri ethnic group. While technically a Muslim country, Azerbaijan’s Soviet history has left it with more secular attitudes and influenced its cultural growth in the city centers.

No where is this modern surge more evident than in Baku, the nation’s capital and largest city in the Caucasus. Baku is distinctly cosmopolitan, while slower paced rural villages dominate the surrounding area. When Azerbaijan allowed Western companies to come in and develop its natural resources, the country saw its first major influx of wealth in centuries. Most of the investment centered on Baku, while the rest of the country maintained a humble agrarian economy.

Traveling to Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, affords a unique luxury lifestyle. The largest city in the Caucasus is cosmopolitan, yet surrounded by slower paced rural villages throughout the countryside.

Explore the traditional mountain culture of Xinaliq in Northern Azerbaijan and take in the beautiful mountain scenery on your journey to Azerbaijan with Ker & Downey.

A private trip to Azerbaijan with Ker & Downey reveals beautiful culture and rugged natural treasures that are largely untouched by travel and tourism. The Caspian Sea, Greater Caucasus Mountains in the north, and the flatlands of central Azerbaijan make up the landscape of the country. Contact a Ker & Downey destination specialist to begin planning your Azerbaijan private tour today.

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