With iconic landmarks and a preeminent history of cuisine and viticulture, luxury France travel has earned its status as one of the most romantic and luxurious destinations on the planet.

France offers something of interest for every taste and interest. History in the region stretches back to the Roman era, and a visit to monuments and museums throughout the country reveal architectural marvels and archaeological spoils from around the globe. From the iconic Notre Dame in Paris to the Romanesque architecture of Normandy, every building tells a story. Opulent Versailles contrasts with the ultra modern contemporary arts museum at Centre Pompidou, demonstrating France’s long-time love affair with design.

Of course, that design is not only set in stone, but draped elegantly over the shoulders of the chic Parisians shopping the Left Bank. Paris is synonymous with fashion, the prime event being Paris Fashion Week, where some of the world’s most respected fashion houses take to the runways. Paris is teeming with art. The Louvre is filled to the brim with masterpieces, while the streets are lined with painters, print shops, and flea markets where you can hunt for true treasures.

Foodies flock to France for classic cuisine and wines, both old world and modern. The cities and idyllic countryside alike offer up a bounty of delectable delights. The sights and sounds of Paris are steeped in culinary tradition: the clink of wine glasses on balconies overlooking the River Sienne, the rush of café waiters in the bustling cafes of the Latin Quarter, baguettes on the back of bicycles, and the hearty home cooking of the fishing villages and winelands. The French are known for their deep respect for their food, treating each meal as an occasion, and each confection as a treasure.

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