Known as the gem of South America, Uruguay is an exciting country full of unique adventures, stunning beaches, and delectable food. There are so many historic landmarks, bustling cities, and secret places to discover in Uruguay, it is hard to decide where to begin. Its temperate climate create cool winters and warm summers with tropic breezes of Brazil flowing through the region. Dive into the fine cuisine of Uruguayan culture. Partake in a traditional asado, the presenting and eating of precisely cut meats, enjoy a plethora of homemade Uruguayan noodles found in a number of local restaurants, or try a Yerba mate, the Uruguayan drink of choice.

Visit the historical city of Maldonado which offers both modern and old architecture and explore the Dragons Headquarters and the classic Torre del Vigia watchtower. Or do as the Uruguayans do and relax and unwind at one of Uruguay’s many world famous beaches with deep sea fishing, boating excursions, or surfing activities. Browse our Uruguay vacation packages below and travel to Uruguay today with Ker & Downey!