Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River has inspired some of the world’s greatest writers, from Kipling to Orwell. It name “Irrawaddy” is actually a corruption of Ayerawaddy Myit, which is often translated as “the river that brings blessing to the people.” And it certainly is that. Here along its shores, the Burmese people wash, drink, travel, and pray, knowing that with every receding dry season comes a subsequent monsoon to flood the fields and replenish the countryside. Learn more about the wonders of the Irrawaddy River, Myanmar below.

The Irrawaddy River is the longest river in Myanmar and still serves as its main commercial transport route. As it flows from north to south from its source in the Himalaya glaciers to its final destination in the Andaman Sea, one can still see local barges and teak log rafts still floating to their wares as far as Bhamo close to the Chinese border. Its most notable function, however, is most certainly its position as the link between Myanmar’s famous cities of Mandalay, Bagan, and Yangon—a role that has quickly transformed the Irrawaddy River into one of Asia’s most popular and alluring luxury river cruise destinations.

An Irrawaddy River cruise is a journey of breathtaking beauty and spiritual reflection. Its ever-changing scenery reveals a passing panorama of vast rice paddies, grand gorges, and snapshots of rural life being played out on the riverbanks, including the occasional glimpse of the young monks en route to the temples. Along the way, travelers are often invited to visit such small yet significant destinations as Ava, the ancient imperial capital for five centuries of Myanmar’s history, as well as Bagaya, Sagaing, and Amarapura, home to various local silversmiths and textile workshops accessible by horse-and-cart. A select few cruise ships will also offer unforgettable journeys along the river’s largest tributary, the Chindwin, for glimpses of the region’s rarely visited jungle-clad banks, forgotten villages of odd wooden houses, and ancient cave pagodas near the Indian border.

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