Straddling the line between Southeast Asia and India both geographically and culturally, Myanmar – formerly known as Burma – is coming into its own as a significant and standalone destination. Sure there is still a certain stigma lingering from its tumultuous past, but Myanmar has taken every stride to shed them and introduce the world to a treasure trove of creativity and culture that has, up until just recently, been secreted away from the masses.

Visitors fortunate enough to make the journey to Myanmar will find some of the planet’s most stunning archaeological, architectural, and ancient wonders within its borders. Completely untouched by tourism, many of these landmarks still retain an air of mystery due to their isolation and lack of modernization. The country’s population too is a bit of an time-encapsulated enigma—traditional dress, horse-and-cart transportation, and one-legged fisherman are still the norm here, just as they have been for centuries before.

Myanmar is also renowned for its rich landscape of natural and man-made beauty: The mountainous surrounds of Inle Lake shelter some amazing scenery as well as more than 30 hill tribes; some 4,000 stupas pepper the face of Bagan, the ancient capital that has long been a source of wonder for visitors; and the beaches on the Bay of Bengal are littered with coconut palms and white sands that rival the most idyllic island locations. And in between it all, tiny villages, steep dirt roads, and lush terrain all keep the country endlessly interesting.

Though its government is still evolving, the contrast between Myanmar’s political obstacles and the glimpses at the everyday life and history are significant. With Ker & Downey’s Myanmar luxury travel, visitors will witness the Myanmar that is at once inviting and vibrant. Contact a Ker & Downey luxury travel consultant today to learn more about this fascinating destination and start planning your journey. Travel to Burma/Myanmar with our vacation packages below.